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UMA Wealth are a family wealth consultancy based in Mayfair, London. They offer a host of wealth management services, such as trust & estate planning and cross-border wealth planning.

We had previously worked on their brand and website back in 2017, but it was definitely time for a refresh as they have really evolved as a company.


UMA Wealth




Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development


UMA Wealth wanted to distinguish themselves from other wealth management companies as they offer a much more tailored service. They don’t offer lifestyle management, so they needed to stay away from the classic pictures seen on other wealth management websites.

They were very set on an extremely bold colour scheme as well as quirky fonts, to help them stand out from competitors. So, we had to create a site that still looked professional and corporate and appealed to their target audience.


We spent several hours going through our image databases to provide a selection of images that worked with their brand, but also captured their target audience. With imagery being such a subjective matter, it wasn’t an easy task! However, we were able to edit a sufficient amount of imagery to fit with the style they were looking for.

We produced a responsive WordPress website design that’s modern and professional, with movement throughout the site, so it had a more modern feel.

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