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we work with charities ..big & small

As an agency, we love to support charities with our creative services, but as individuals, we also take part in fundraising activities and volunteer for great causes.

Complex Creative chooses not to specialise in a particular charity sector as it allows us to have a broad range of experiences across various industries. This enables us to apply our knowledge and expertise to each and every charity we work with, regardless of where their focus lies.

Therefore, we can help to provide a bigger impact with our digital marketing services, helping charities reach larger audiences.

The charities that we've worked with

We work with charities big and small! We really admire some of the work that larger charities do and so we’re keen to help them. However, the smaller charities are the ones who often benefit most from our help.

Small charities are not lucky enough to have an in-house creative team and so they struggle to launch effective marketing campaigns. They rely on volunteers and not all of them will have the expertise to do this well.

Therefore, we offer a pro-bono programme, offering free digital marketing services including graphic design, website design, social media, SEO and copywriting to a select few charities.

our promise. our pledge.

We pledge to donate £30,000 of our work to charities each year. We wish we could give away more of our time, but this is not something we can afford to do right now. We are working on expanding our programme to see if we can do this.

For those charities we cannot help with pro-bono work, we offer a “charitable rate”, which essentially means we work at cost, so we don’t make any money on the project.

Do you have a charity or non-profit that you are working with and think it could do with some creative support? Please let us know how we can help!

Please note that this pro-bono programme is currently only open to registered charities in England & Wales.

let us help

do you like the sound of giving back?

Well, we’d like to expand our pro-bono programme so we’d love to hear from other creatives who are interested in helping out charities and non-profits!

If we can grow our pro-bono team, we can help more and more charities. We’d welcome any sort of support, so email charities@wearecomplexcreative.com & let us know how you’d like to get involved!

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