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Medical Marijuana Company

Nutree Pharmacy are an official medicinal cannabis dispensary in London and are run by a team of doctors and pharmacists. Therefore, they were very keen on showcasing how they are a legitimate and professional business in the medical marijuana sector.


Nutree Pharmacy




Branding, Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development, Marketing Consultation


The medical marijuana sector is a little bit controversial as many people still don’t quite understand it, or perhaps even condone the use of medicinal cannabis. Therefore, Nutree needed to create a brand and a website to reflect the legitimacy of their product and business, while also being user-friendly.

The challenge was to create a brand that came across professional, without feeling too cliché and alienating a large demographic.


We created a “friendly” brand for Nutree, which still kept the green colour often associated with medical cannabis, but also with pharmacies. However, we showcased their medical credentials on their website and advised that they be registered with all official bodies to help build trust.

The BOOK A CONSULTATION button on the website allows worried individuals to speak to a qualified practitioner right away and get advice on anything they’re not sure of.

Our marketing consultation sessions covered the importance of education around this sector and the need for an extensive blog and guides on their website.

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