Bespoke WooCommerce development for high end beauty brand

Romilly Wilde is a high-end beauty brand that has a target audience of women above the age of 40. They had a website on Shopify but it couldn’t get them to the next level and the Shopify fees were getting very expensive. Therefore, they wanted to find a company who could help them build a bespoke ecommerce website solution on WooCommerce.


Romilly Wilde




Website development


Due to being a luxury product, Romilly Wilde were very design-oriented and there were intricacies to the design that would prove very difficult in the development stage. They also had a very complex set of integrations, including connections to their distribution warehouse, invoicing software and reviews system that all had to be automated.

All of these features had to be developed alongside a highly-customised checkout process that integrated 4 different types of payment methods. This all needed to be translated to a backend that the client could easily operate themselves.


We translated the bespoke design into WooCommerce and created custom product pages that went beyond the normal scope of WordPress’ ecommerce platform. Each product template was fully customisable by the client, without requiring coding knowledge.

We created APIs to integrate 3rd party software that was able to automate several integral processes, custom-designed integrated widgets and further tweaked WordPress plugins to suit their needs.

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