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Spring Studios are a subsidiary of Hambro Perks, an international investment firm backed by leaders in the fields of finance and technology.

They are a fintech-focused venture studio, helping to co-found startups alongside entrepreneurs. So, they are a little different from a traditional venture capitalist firm.


Spring Studios




Branding, Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development


Since Spring Studios are all about attracting startups in the fintech space, they naturally had to feel very techy. However, they are a VC fund and they also needed to be professional. But since they are not a traditional VC fund and they are more about co-founding companies, they really wanted more of a startup vibe for their website.

The challenge for the brand was to be different, but not too much so that it felt alien to the industry. We also needed to be mindful that they are part of Hambro Perks, a global, corporate investment fund and so should be represented appropriately.


We didn’t necessarily want to be so on-the-nose with the spring representation in the branding, but this was something that the client was keen on. So, we played around with it and animated it so it felt a bit more techy.

Green is used in many financial companies and it felt “safe” for this hybrid firm. However, the darker theme throughout the brand definitely gave it a more edgy vibe so it felt more in line with a startup.

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