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Bespoke WordPress Website for a NFT Creative Agency.

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Project 30 Productions are an NFT Creative Agency, which is quite a unique area to be in. They needed a website to show off what they did and to be able to attract new clients.

However, they are in a very cutting-edge sector and so the website needed to stand out and look really modern and techy, to impress the type of clientele that they wanted to attract.

The Challenge

Project 30 Productions were a relatively new company, although they are a sister company of Chosen Music. Therefore, they did not have many clients/projects to showcase and very limited idea of what they required.

Since Web3, blockchain and NFTs are still fairly new, Project 30 Productions are one of the first creative agencies in London to work with this market. Therefore, no one knew what was “normal” to showcase and what people would be looking for on their website.

The Solution

We created a bespoke WordPress website design and build using Advanced Custom Fields so that it was lightweight. We decided that the best way to showcase what they could do was to display some of the assets that had been created for their clients.

Therefore, we needed to ensure the website performed well due to the heavy imagery and videos that we wanted to play throughout the website.

We also went for a dark site as this is now seen as “cooler” and more techy in these circles and as a result, Project 30 Productions were able to position themselves as a leading creative NFT agency and win clients as a result.

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