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Using UX & CRO to Transform A Nightclub Venue.

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Ballie Ballerson is an innovative venue in London – a cocktail bar meets ballpit. As a result, they need to be able to communicate the concept of their bar to their customers successfully. They were getting lots of traffic to their site thanks to great advertising, but the traffic just wasn’t converting. This was due to a complicated user journey and a poor design.

They came to us to evaluate their current site and re-design it so that it would be much easier for customers to buy tickets and find the information they needed.

The Challenge

Their current site had been developed in a way that made it impossible for the client to edit themselves. They were waiting on an unresponsive agency to make urgent changes to their website, which was detrimental to their business.

They had a complicated booking system which was not styled when integrated to the site, which made the whole booking process seem amateur.

The Solution

We redeveloped the website with the user in mind and in a way that conversions could easily be tracked across their various advertising channels. It’s now easy to know which venue and event is selling the most tickets and gets the most traffic, plus the user only has to click a few times to be able to get the information they need.

The booking system was integrated and styled to match the new look and feel of the site. This way, the user doesn’t feel like they’re going elsewhere to make their booking.

Conversion rates have skyrocketed, despite COVID-19 and the client is extremely happy. We have also helped them save thousands of pounds on developer fees by building a user-friendly backend that they can use themselves.

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