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Deep Render are a deep tech company who works with artificial intelligence and has partnered with big names in the industry such as DPP and NVIDIA.

They were about to start a PR campaign for their software when they realised their website did not do their brand any justice. As a deep tech firm, they want to come across modern, but also still retain that “techy” vibe. They came to us to create a simple website that could allow them to attract potential new members of staff.

The Challenge

Deep Render wanted a 1-page website, but yet wanted to have a great deal of content on there. So, unless we wanted to have a very long, scrolling website, we would have to go for a hybrid model.

They wanted a careers application process which would be easy to use on both desktop and mobile with the candidate uploading their CV and it be automatically emailed to them. The CV upload would be restricted to PDFs only and a max file size of 25MB.

They also wanted to include animations like rotating words, which would also need to work responsively.

The Solution

We ensured the homepage was a one-page website, where the navigation menu anchored to the relevant section on that page. However, links to other pages on the website could be found on this homepage, where the navigation links would then change so the user could find their way around this content.

The news section was also split over several pages and the articles were made available from the homepage in the form of a slider. But access to the full blog was hidden until the user selected an article to read.

We used CSS to create the rotating words and did a lot of user-testing to determine the best speed to run the rotations at.

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