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Anglo Fortune Asset Management deploys capital into the London residential real estate market. They are the sister company of Anglo Fortune Capital Group, a property investment advisory firm in Singapore, who also ended up asking us to redesign their site to match.

They are very much a corporate brand and wanted to showcase this in their website design, but they also have a keen interest in sustainability and providing key insights in the property market.

The Challenge

Anglo Fortune had been around for a couple of years and already established a bit of a brand and so they didn’t want to change their visual identity too much, but yet they wanted it modernised.

They also manage incredible, beautiful properties in London, so the property photography needed to be really top notch so that the quality of the London real estate was clear to see. However, the high-resolution property images had to be optimised so that the site performance was not compromised.

The Solution

We updated the Anglo Fortune logo so that it felt more modern, without losing the essence of its identity. We tweaked the colours so that they were not too bright to use on a website or other digital channels.

With the WordPress website design, we took a more classic, corporate approach, rather than trying to focus on a property website design, as this tailored more to their target audience.

We were able to use lossless image compression so that the professional photography was lightweight enough for the website, but didn’t affect the website speed.