Why are we re-designing our own website?!

It’s often a case of Cobbler’s Shoes when it comes to a web design agency trying to design their own website. Many just abandon the idea of trying to do something fancy because they simply don’t have the time.

Clients come first.

That’s what most agencies say… but what they really mean is money comes first. They will always put paid work over internal projects.

So, why are we different?!

It’s all about the environment

The main reason we are embarking on this website redesign journey is because we have been practising sustainable web design now for a couple of years.

We have been learning more and more about how to reduce the amount of carbon emitted from websites and produce sustainable websites.

Each website project we’ve done so far using sustainable web design practices has saved over 150kg of carbon per year!! This means, around 10 trees have been saved per year as a result of us rebuilding the website.

This is what we want to achieve with our website.

It’s not just about making it low-carbon, lightweight and high performance, but we also want it to look amazing! Because it’s easy to create a low-carbon website that’s mainly text-based. But what about one with tons of custom graphics and animations?

We are all about practising what we preach!

What’s a better way to show that we are able to design and build you a bespoke WordPress website that’s low carbon than to do it for ourselves?

That’s why we’ve made the effort to spend the best part of 2022 working on this website redesign project.

Your website should always be about the user

User experience should be the number one concern when it comes to website design. However, most of the time, it’s just one thing on a long list of requirements. The majority of companies only care about aesthetics and trying to think of ways to increase lead generation.

But if you concentrate on user experience, then it should take into account all the other “fancy” features, but with the customer in mind.

We have been speaking to our website users and they have told us that they mainly want more information about our services and easier access to our blogs. So, that’s what we’re planning to do!

Content is King

Yes, content is still king! To be fair, we don’t think it will be knocked off its throne any time soon.

We spend a lot of time creating content to help our other small businesses and entrepreneurs with marketing help, website tips and design trends. Therefore, we want to make sure that our new website allows easy access to this content!

At the moment, the blog is hidden away and the articles are not that accessible, so we will be re-designing that with the user in mind too.

We are not quite ready to show the world yet, but the aim is to get the new site up just before Christmas! So, stay tuned for more information about the progress!