Should your business be on TikTok?

TikTok has quickly become the most downloaded app not only in the UK but in the world  having been downloaded over 2 billion times. There are 30.8 million daily users who on average open the app 19 times a day! The big statistic, the app has now been valued at $50 billion.

So the short answer is, yes your business should be on TikTok.

Although these numbers are colossal and we’ve seen creators and businesses blow up reaching over a million followers within a year. It’s never too late to join. Going viral overnight is rare, but doable on TikTok. The exposure and reach opportunities on this platform are very much something that hasn’t been seen on any other social platforms before.

Many businesses are now starting to see the value in TikTok and implementing the social app into their marketing strategy. It’s also important to note, that you don’t need a huge production team, the lights, the cameras and all that jazz to grow a following. The beauty of TikTok is that users value real, relatable content that grabs their attention. You can create content directly in the app and there is a foolproof way to attract followers to your account. Creative content that sparks conversations, gives value or evokes an emotion.

The algorithm is also built for you to win. Users have their own curated for you pages, where the content will be tailored to their interests and what they are most likely to engage with. It may take a while for the algorithm to find your audience, but don’t give up, as long as you are posting imprinting content, you’ll find your audience.

We wouldn’t be giving you the nudge to join TikTok if we weren’t doing it ourselves. We have just joined the app (big woop) and we will be doing a 6 week challenge where we will  be taking you behind the scenes of a digital agency, jumping on the trends and showing you our creative side. Check us out over on TikTok.

Gone are the days when your social media profiles have to be picture perfect and 100% on brand. Going off brand can be extremely beneficial, grab a lot of attention and upsell your services. Let’s have a look at some brands that are smashing it on TikTok.


With 1.8 million followers hooked in and invested in the brand, Ryanair have blown up on the app in the last year delivering entertaining content that really does test the limits. Ryanair has ripped up the rule book and it has paid off.

If you needed a sign to go off brand and get creative with your content, this is it.


There are brands that still have a mark on tiktok but have not gone too far off brand. Gymshark is a great example of this. Their content is fitness focused and relatable but that they have done is create trending content as it is gaining popularity.

With the introduction of TikTok shop, ecommerce brands have another opportunity to reach more customers and increase sales directly on the app.

There is also an opportunity for serve based brands to grow, is a perfect example of this. Again they are another brand that is using trending sounds and making it relatable to their content.

If you are looking for an effective way of making some noise about your brand, TikTok is the place to be. Not many platforms can match this app in terms of reach and engagement, so joining the app is a no brainer.

There is a lot of freedom when it comes to TikTok and with enough perseverance, the right strategy and relatable content you could be on your way to 1 million followers and record breaking sales.