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Our top 5 ways to speed up a WordPress Website


One of the biggest complaints we get from new clients is that their WordPress website is too slow. They come to us because they have been working with other agencies who says there’s nothing they can do about it because “WordPress is just slow”. This is NONSENSE! Please feel free to run our own website…

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WooCommerce v Shopify


Each year, we do one of these comparisons because both platforms progress so much and improve on themselves, which is great to see! We build ecommerce websites in WooCommerce AND Shopify, as we love both! So, we’re not biased either way in this comparison. The answer to WooCommerce v Shopify will almost always be to…

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Ecommerce UX: Essential UX elements for a sucessful ecommerce website


If you have an e-commerce website, it means you’re selling something online. This doesn’t have to be a physical product, but it could be a service. Whatever you’re selling, the purpose of your website is to showcase what you’re selling and get as many people as possible to buy it! Unfortunately, not everyone visiting your…

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How to create the perfect website design brief


If you’ve ever done a website project before, then you will probably be well aware of the many things that can go wrong… from both sides! But the way to avoid these issues is with a detailed website design brief. A well-written website design brief details all the requirements for the project so that the…

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How to practice sustainable website design


If you’ve landed on this article, it probably means that you’re a web developer or agency looking to do their bit to help the environment. If you’re not actually sure what sustainable website design is, then our article on this is probably the place to start, as this guide is really all about how to…

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GDPR Compliant Website Scams


The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect back in May 2018 and it scared the living daylights out of most businesses. Everyone thought it was the end of marketing (especially email marketing) and people panicked about getting their website GDPR compliant with the fear of receiving big fines if they didn’t. It’s been…

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What is UX?


The reason we’ve chosen to speak about this topic is because we speak to many people who are confused about what UX is. These are clients who ask for UI/UX work because that’s what they’ve heard they need, but they don’t quite understand what it is. Then, there are graphic designers who write to us…

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WordPress v Wix


For those of us who have used both WordPress and Wix, we know that each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. While one might be better for your needs than the other, there is often no clear winner in this debate. Instead, the best decision comes down to which platform will suit your specific…

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What is sustainable web design?


We’ve seen some really crazy stats over the last couple of years which state things like: “Internet usage releases the same level of greenhouse gases as all of the world’s air traffic”.1 “If the internet was a country, it would be the world’s 6th biggest polluter”2 “The internet releases around 300m tonnes of CO2 –…

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10 Web Design Trends for 2022


Naturally, as a top creative agency in London, we are consistently trying to keep up with the trends in all the fields we operate in. The web design industry is always changing and evolving. We love doing an article at the beginning of the year on what we believe the trends will be for the…

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