Custom Shopify design for subscription model business

Puzzle Post is a very niche business, which provides jigsaw puzzle subscriptions to adults and kids! The website had been up and running for several months but wasn’t selling any subscriptions, despite seeming like a very popular product during the peak of the lockdown. Puzzle Post realised it was time to completely redesign the site without the restrictions of standard Shopify templates.


The Puzzle Post




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Shopify can be a restrictive e-commerce solution if you do not know what you are doing. It’s a fantastic platform for people who are just starting out with their ecommerce business, but if you want a bespoke design, it can be very tricky.

Puzzle Post wanted to launch a subscription model, so it was a bit more advanced compared to the standard ecommerce functionalities. With a small budget due to COVID, we had to work very efficiently.


We created a bespoke design in Photoshop, which was then converted into Shopify afterwards, meaning that we had much more flexibility over the UX/UI.

We created bespoke graphics for each subscription model and then provided social media templates to coincide with these subscription models which allowed the client to run very successful social media ad campaigns. This led to a huge increase in sales and she’s now ready for Phase II.

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