Bespoke WordPress design and build for small business during COVID

Home & Away Students is a small business who help international students find accommodation, internships or education options in London.

They got badly hit by COVID-19 but really needed a new website done to help bring in business. We were able to use funds from our COVID-19 support programme to help them get a bespoke WordPress design and build in just a couple of months.


Home & Away Student Services




Website Design, WordPress website build


Home & Away Students had never had a professional website before, so they were quite disorganised in terms of content and process. They only had low-res imagery and poorly written content.

They also didn’t have any branding but were adamant on using a red colour throughout their site, which was quite harsh. They wanted their site to stand out from all other competitors and have a much more luxury feel.


We were able to create a dark-themed website, which was largely black and white with accented red colouring across the site. This dark look and feel made the site feel more high-end and make their company look a lot more professional.

We used stock imagery to replace their low-resolution photos and edited them to match the site. We made many of them monochrome and highlighted the red colouring throughout the site.

We then integrated their site with a professional booking system so they were able to take enquiries and bookings a lot more easily, streamlining their whole process.

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