Bespoke WordPress Design
& Build for an
Electric Vehicle Company

EV Approved is an arm of the RMIF – the Retail Motor Industry Federation. They work with car dealerships who sell electric vehicles and provide a service to customers to help educate them on the benefits of electric cars and how to use them.

They only launched in 2019 and we created their initial brand and website for them. They’ve come a long way since then and wanted to undergo various changes on their website, so we decided to embark on a full website refresh.


EV Approved




Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development


Since EV Approved is all about the promotion of electric vehicles and promoting sustainability, it was very important that they had a low-carbon and lightweight website that is hosted on renewable energy.

Therefore, we had to make lots of compromises on the design to ensure that we were building the website according to sustainable web design practices. However, some features were non-negotiable, so we had to do what we could to reduce the carbon emissions as much as possible.


We created a bespoke WordPress website theme for EV Approved that had only the essential parts for the website. It was still built in a way that was easy enough for the client to update themselves and so could save money on web developer fees.

The website was modernised and gave them a much more impressive look, to show that they’re a legitimate organisation that has achieved great things over the last three years.

Carbon emissions were reduced by over 400% from the previous site and performance across all areas increased by at least 150%.

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