Branding and Website
for a Female-Led
Fintech Company

C-Model is a fintech startup ran by three black women in the US, which naturally inspired us to work with them. They are underdogs in their industry, which is dominated by men, so they wanted to stand out and show that they’re worthy.

They have created a revenue forecasting software, which helps CEOs make better financial decisions and be able to visualise their data. Therefore, they wanted to create a brand that shows them as a modern, techy company.






Branding, Website Design, Website Development


C-Model are a female-led company in a male-dominated industry, so we needed to create a brand that was strong and professional. However, they were also keen on making it feminine, to embrace the fact that they were all strong women running the business.

The balance here is difficult, as “too girly” would lose respect in the industry. Also, the three co-founders all had different tastes, so getting everyone on the same page was not easy.


We did a lot of brainstorming sessions with the client and internally, in order to make this project work.

We picked some feminine and bright colours, but then added in gradients to give it that more modern and tech feel. We created a logo that was strong and would hold up in the financial industry.

The marketing collaterals also had bright colours, to show that feminine side, but teamed with the sans-serif fonts and darker blues, we made sure there was a strong fintech vibe to it too.

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