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Amazon Store Integration With WordPress Using WooCommerce For Workout Equipment Company

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Atemi Sports provides premium quality resistant bands to people all over the world. They also provide workout tips, resistance band exercises and fitness advice in the form of articles.

Atemi Sports only sold these products via Amazon and wasn’t building up a brand for themselves. Plus, they were losing out on money due to the commission paid to Amazon. We needed to create a brand for Atemi Sports directly and design a website which sold products directly on it.

The Challenge

Atemi Sports had a logo designed which was using a premium font they did not have a license for. We had to start the brand from scratch. They didn’t stock any of their own products and were not ready to invest in a warehouse yet, so they still needed Amazon to fulfil all their orders. But they wanted products to be sold via their website and experience the whole checkout within the website.

However, they wanted to sell other items that they did not stock, so they also needed a solution where the Amazon affiliate scheme was activated for products they didn’t directly stock.

On top of this, Atemi Sports had Amazon stores from multiple countries, so they wanted geotagging set up so the website could detect which country the user was visiting from and direct them to the correct store and fulfil the order from the correct Amazon account.

The Solution

We created a new logo for Atemi Sports with a custom design and licensed fonts that were similar enough to his old brand so he didn’t lose out on money due to re-designing his products, but ensured he was not in breach of any copyright.

We created an e-commerce website using WooCommerce which allowed them to have a limited number of products to be sold directly through the site, but the order would automatically connect to his Amazon store and be fulfilled by them. These orders would naturally come through website traffic and he would be making money without even knowing as he wouldn’t need any input in the process.

We then set up affiliate links in his blog so that he could link to other products on Amazon and earn a passive income that way.

Email marketing is a huge factor in the success of this company and so MailChimp was integrated with the website for a seamless process. We set it up so that Atemi Sports had distinct customers – those who purchased products and were interested in e-books and those who liked to read the workout articles but haven’t yet committed to a purchase yet.