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Arnold Inventories are a company that provides pre-and post-tenancy services for landlords and tenants. They provide inventory reports, check-in and check-out reports etc., so that the landlord and tenant can be on the same page.

They had a basic website previously, but wanted to make sure they looked more professional when pitching for work, so they approached us for a new design.

The Challenge

The difficulty with a company like this is that they don’t really have any glamorous pictures to showcase, which makes our design job a lot harder! They also don’t really have the authorisation to show pictures of other people’s property.

Also, their service is not commonplace and communicating what they do and who it’s for effectively is not easy.

Since “reports” is what they produce, it’s also difficult to display these nicely in a way that will impress.

The Solution

We decided to go down the route of using isometric graphics, as they are very trending at the moment and modern. This way, we could display what they did in a visual way without relying on the use of photography.

We created branded graphics for each of their services and icons that matched that style too.

We decided to show examples of the reports that they produce, so there is “evidence” of their work, but did this via a drop-down menu option, rather than display them on the page.

Using a hamburger menu too, we went for a minimal and clean look to the website, which modernised the brand and helped them look more professional to their audience.

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