After a really tough year for everyone in the world, it’s always nice to receive some positive news! And there’s no better news to hear that you’ve been voted as one of the top creative agencies in the UK. Clutch is a leading market research firm and they are always researching the top creative agencies in the UK and many other companies.

In their press release, they state that tech sector growth in the UK is bigger than the US and China now!

In order to calculate who are the best, Clutch use a very rigorous research method to find out which agencies are leading in various aspects – reviews, online presence, client work and brand reputation.

“These Leader Award winners from the UK represent the best of the best,”

– Austin Ellis, Clutch Customer Operations Representative

As a full-service creative agency, we naturally fit into Clutch’s creative & design category. We were also recognised last year as doing quality B2B work, such as for the likes of the Ministry of Defence, and so we made it onto their top list in 2020 too. However, we came in at number 86.

This year, we have been ranked number 16, which is a huge improvement and we are super proud!

However, things do not end there with Clutch, as we can see that already we are working our way up the rankings, as we seem to find our way in the top 10 of web designers in the UK, the top 10 of graphic design agencies in the UK and the top 10 creative agencies in the UK!

Clutch also have a sister site called The Manifest and they also rank us in the top 20 of creative agencies in the UK.

It’s nice to see that this news is spreading through search engines, as when we type in Top WordPress Agencies UK in to Google, it now pops up on the top of a list of very talented agencies.

Top Creative Agencies on Google

A big thanks to Clutch for believing in what we do here at Complex Creative and voting us one of the top creative agencies in the UK!