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A really quick way to sky-rocket your brand is to get featured in the media by a major publication. This doesn’t have to be the traditional PR, such as TV, radio or print, but now there is digital PR which is taking the world by storm.

We have featured our clients on the likes of Bloomberg, Forbes and Huffington Post, as well as getting them interviews on top podcasts all around the world to really boost their company and personal brand.

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we learn what’s newsworthy about you and your brand and create all the right marketing assets to help promote you.


build relationships

we then go out there and rub shoulders with the right people so that your brand is featured where you want it.



we reach out to press outlets, magazines, podcasts etc. all over the world and pitch you and your brand.



we book you in for opportunities and can even create your content that you need for each feature.

“So far, external feedback has been very positive. The new platform showcases what the client does and has helped them build their reputation. Complex Creative has integrity and pride in what they do. They work closely with their clients to build strong partnerships and deliver effective results.”

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“The new website received positive feedback from external stakeholders. Complex Creative established a smooth workflow through informal project management and by being highly responsive. Their extensive marketing expertise was notable, too.”


“Complex Creative redesigned our website which was in need of an upgrade. We are very happy with the results both in terms of the design itself and also the SEO of the site. On the whole Complex Creative provided an all around great service.”


There are no guarantees when it comes to PR. It’s all about building relationships, which take time. It is usually a slow process at the beginning, but then once those relationships are formed and you get your first feature, they should roll in consistently.

Yes, you are not obliged to do anything that you do not want to do. You need to ensure that each one aligns with your brand and your values as it could hurt you later down the line, even if it is major exposure.

Absolutely! At the end of the day, it’s your brand so you need to be happy with it. You can also create all your own content and we just place it for you, but it is usually less successful this way as we know what content is more likely to be accepted.

This is usually what we recommend as there is a crossover between the two, especially now that digital PR is becoming more popular. We create a bespoke package that’s designed to help you hit all your goals.

Yes! We can do both! We have such a huge database of amazing podcast guests for a wide range of niches, so we can tap into our network, as well as reaching out to specific guests who you’d like to feature.

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