There’s no doubt that podcasts are a huge marketing tool and they’re only getting bigger. Not only are they great for brand awareness, they position you as an authority figure in your industry and you can continually put your content in front of your target audience.

However, podcasts are also incredibly time-consuming and it’s not easy to come up with content or find guests! This is where can help!

Podcast Editing

First and foremost, you need to sound good. There’s no point putting out a podcast if it makes you look like an amateur – that will only hurt your brand. We recommend recording a video podcast and making the most of this popular media form. We can help edit the videos and make bitesize clips to use on social media. We also remove all the mistakes, the umms and ahhs, and improve the sound quality so it still sounds good even if someone doesn’t have a good microphone.

Check out some of our podcasts to hear the quality for yourself:

Finding Guests

Yes, you can absolutely do a podcast by yourself, and we can definitely support you doing that. But most people don’t feel comfortable doing solo podcasts and would prefer to bounce off someone else during an episode. Plus, if you have guests, you can also leverage their social media channels when promoting an episode.

Finding guests is not easy though and if you’re going to release an episode regularly (which you need to do, to be successful), then you need a steady flow of guests coming in.

We interview guests and select the best ones for your show. We can even research them and prepare questions for you to ask so your job is just to turn up and be amazing.

Podcast Marketing

There’s no point putting in all the hard work to make your podcast if no one is going to see/hear it! Promoting the podcast is one of the hardest things, as how do you make noise in a whole sea of podcasts?

We get your podcast out on social media, through email marketing and straight to your target audience with really focused digital marketing.

Watch the numbers grow and your reputation boom!