It’s an exciting time here at Complex Creative – we’re all moving into a new office, and that means over the next few weeks we’ll be doing lots of decorating to really make a home of the new place. Coming with that is a whole new garden of potted plants.

Personally, I’m cursed with a death touch when it comes to plants, and it seems like nothing I do can stop them all slowly dying (If you’re reading this, dragon tree I keep in my flat, I’m sorry), but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate them. The plants we’ve picked up for the office are a mixture of leavy ctanthes and waxy green little dracaena, and I’m already looking forward to seeing them get big and healthy over the next few months.

Luckily for them, though, I’m not the only one who’ll be making sure they get the water and sun that they need.


—Plant Marshal—

“If you don’t show them much love they die”

Our resident plant expert, and the one in charge of keeping the office green. Emily’s flat is full of plants, and she grew lots of them from her own cuttings! Her favourite type is the Cane Stemmed Begonia.


—Calanthe Captain—

“I like the ones with lots of colours”

Adefemi grew up with lots of plants at home, and even though he doesn’t keep any these days, daffodils are his favourites. He reckons if he kept plants, though, he’d keep them more hydrated than he does himself!


—Orchid Private—

“I want to own a bonsai tree someday”

The only thing Edgar ever managed to keep alive was cacti, but he still wants to own a bonsai tree eventually. Maybe looking after the office plants will give him the practice he needs.


—Shrub Colonel—

I’m actually looking after a friend’s plants right now!”

Frankie still feels bad for letting one of her favourite plants die a few years ago, when she was away from home for a week and let it go without being watered. Maybe that’s why now she’s responsible enough to be trusted with her friends’!