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WordPress Wednesday

When: 1st Wednesday of each month

Time: 12pm-1pm

Where: Zoom

Do you have a WordPress site? Were you told that WordPress was super easy to use and you don’t need to know anything technical to manage your own WordPress site?

Well, that’s true to an extent, but there is still a lot to learn about WordPress and it can get quite tricky!

Our WordPress Wednesday Workshops are run by Sabrina the WordPress Witch – waving her magic WordPress Wand to help you fix your website problems.

Each session will cover typical WordPress issues and how to fix them. The content is driven by YOU!! So, please submit your queries in advance. You can also even get your website fixed live on the session should you submit your login information etc.

Come armed with further questions and learn how you can make the most of your WordPress website!

Sign Up

To register for the event, just fill in the form below. If you would like to guarantee your question and fix being done live during the stream, then please tick the box for this. We will only select two each week and there will be a £50 fee to guarantee this. We will write back to you within 48 hours of your submission to confirm whether you have the guaranteed spot.

*** 3rd of March is fully booked, but you can book session in April! ***

    Agency Therapy

    When: Every Friday

    Time: 12.30pm-1.30pm

    Where: Clubhouse

    Running an agency is HARD! Running an agency alone is even harder! So, we’ve created a Clubhouse room for anyone in the agency world who just wants to have a bit of a vent and let off some steam.

    Whether you need to have a bitch about an annoying client (yes, we all have them!), a project going wrong, you need some feedback on some work or you just want to have a bit of a gossip, we will be here for you!

    So, grab a coffee and finish the week right. Let all that negative energy out before the weekend and come grab some Agency Therapy!

    *Please note, this is not actually therapy and we are not licensed therapists!

    Agency Book Club

    When: First Thursday of every month

    Time: 2pm-3pm

    Where: Zoom/Slack

    Who has time to read when running an agency?! Well, we’re huge on self-improvement here and love reading books that help us on our agency journey.

    The Agency Book Club is just a group of energetic agency folk who get together, read a chosen book each month and then jump on Zoom to discuss how we can use what we’ve learnt in our businesses. So many have already seen serious positive results from the books.

    It’s a really friendly group, you’re not punished for not reading the book, and we still encourage you to come and join in the useful debates! There’s also a Slack channel for those who want to further the discussions and even create exercises for each other!

    BAME Agency Founders

    When: Last Wednesday of every month

    Time: 1pm-2pm

    Where: Zoom/WhatsApp

    It’s a sad fact that there are very few agency owners who fit into the BAME category. We wanted to create a support group for those who felt they wanted to celebrate diversity and be around similar folk who understood life as a BAME agency owner.

    The group meets once a month to discuss agency troubles and how we can beat them. It’s all about positivity in this group – no negativity about how tough things are. We look for solutions. We also pledge to educate each other in our specialties, support each other through referrals and LinkedIn engagement.


    This group is now full, but we are looking to expand the network in the future and meet fellow BAME agency owners who share our vision.