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The Death of third-party cookies


Written by Benjamin Holmes In the months before the dramatic lockdowns and global economic collapse caused by Covid-19, one of the biggest issues facing the digital marketing industry was the announcement that by the end of 2021, Google Chrome would be phasing out third-party cookies.  Whilst Apple and Firefox have already done this for their…

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Free online courses: design, development and marketing


Here at Complex Creative, we’re consistently teaching our clients about our trade. Many people think we’re crazy, as we’re “pushing business away”. But we believe in giving back, and the education part is all part of our service as a personal, creative agency. We understand that the COVID-19 situation has put a lot of people…

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How has the coronavirus affected marketing?


It’s been just over three weeks of lockdown now and it doesn’t look like the coronavirus situation is getting any better. It’s affecting everyone in the world in crazy ways, but how has the coronavirus affected the marketing world? No one knows for sure how things will turn out in the coming months, but let’s…

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