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The battle between good UI/UX and Sustainable Web Design


As a creative agency, it’s so natural for us to want to do great design work and take pride in the way that a website looks. However, we’re also super passionate about sustainable web design and ensuring websites are built in a way that’s good for the environment. The problem is, fancy websites with lots…

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Ecommerce UX: Essential UX elements for a sucessful ecommerce website


If you have an e-commerce website, it means you’re selling something online. This doesn’t have to be a physical product, but it could be a service. Whatever you’re selling, the purpose of your website is to showcase what you’re selling and get as many people as possible to buy it! Unfortunately, not everyone visiting your…

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How to create the perfect website design brief


If you’ve ever done a website project before, then you will probably be well aware of the many things that can go wrong… from both sides! But the way to avoid these issues is with a detailed website design brief. A well-written website design brief details all the requirements for the project so that the…

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What is UX?


The reason we’ve chosen to speak about this topic is because we speak to many people who are confused about what UX is. These are clients who ask for UI/UX work because that’s what they’ve heard they need, but they don’t quite understand what it is. Then, there are graphic designers who write to us…

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10 Web Design Trends for 2022


Naturally, as a top creative agency in London, we are consistently trying to keep up with the trends in all the fields we operate in. The web design industry is always changing and evolving. We love doing an article at the beginning of the year on what we believe the trends will be for the…

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15 Essentials for your eCommerce Website


If you’re running any kind of product-based business, then having your own website to host eCommerce is essential. If customers know your brand, they’ll expect to be able to find one, and if they don’t, it’s a great, SEO-friendly way to get yourself onto their radar. That said, putting together a good eCommerce website is…

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Get Free Graphic Design Assets… Every Week!


Here at Complex Creative, we love to keep on trend with what’s new in the world of design and ensure our clients’ brands are always looking modern. Therefore, we are continuously browsing sites like Pinterest and Behance to see what people are designing and what is now popular and effective. Whilst we create most of…

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Free online courses: design, development and marketing


Here at Complex Creative, we’re consistently teaching our clients about our trade. Many people think we’re crazy, as we’re “pushing business away”. But we believe in giving back, and the education part is all part of our service as a personal, creative agency. We understand that the COVID-19 situation has put a lot of people…

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