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Complex Creative is a Top Digital Marketing Agency in London!


As a digital marketing agency in London, it can be quite difficult to stand out from the crowd. There are hundreds of digital marketing agencies in London, all appearing to offer the same service. However, upon closer inspection, you can see there is a clear difference between the agencies. At Complex Creative, our focus is…

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10 Ways to reduce your carbon footprint as a small business


Companies are finally realising that action needs to be taken towards climate change and the majority of the FTSE 100 companies have now signed up to the UN’s Race to Zero campaign. This pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 inspired the UK government to also launch an ambitious strategy to try and…

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Everything you need to know about Google Analytics 4 (GA4)


Google Analytics 4 may just be a “new version” of Google Analytics to you, but there’s a whole lot more to this update than you may expect. First of all, Universal Analytics, also known as GA3 is no longer going to process data from the 1st July 2023. So, it’s important that you get switched…

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How much should I spend on marketing?


Marketing budgets are going to be hugely different if you are a solopreneur compared to that of a large corporation. The goals of your marketing will differ greatly and the channels you will use will also have a completely different approach. For example, most small businesses and entrepreneurs will not be taking out TV ads…

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WooCommerce v Shopify


Each year, we do one of these comparisons because both platforms progress so much and improve on themselves, which is great to see! We build ecommerce websites in WooCommerce AND Shopify, as we love both! So, we’re not biased either way in this comparison. The answer to WooCommerce v Shopify will almost always be to…

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How to create the perfect website design brief


If you’ve ever done a website project before, then you will probably be well aware of the many things that can go wrong… from both sides! But the way to avoid these issues is with a detailed website design brief. A well-written website design brief details all the requirements for the project so that the…

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How to create a powerful digital marketing strategy


Introduction It’s no secret that digital marketing is essential for any business. It’s also not a secret that the field of digital marketing is constantly changing, with new technologies and strategies emerging all the time. This makes it hard for small businesses to stay on top of things and keep up with their competitors. A…

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10 SEO Tips You Can Do Yourself


SEO can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process of optimising your website so that search engines can understand what it’s about and rank it higher in their results. This way you will get more traffic from people searching for topics related to your…

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WordPress v Wix


For those of us who have used both WordPress and Wix, we know that each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. While one might be better for your needs than the other, there is often no clear winner in this debate. Instead, the best decision comes down to which platform will suit your specific…

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Freelancer v Agency: Which one should you choose?


When a small business has a creative project that needs external help, they often wonder what the best route is – a creative agency or a freelancer? While there are pros and cons to both sides, we believe that it ultimately comes down to what works best for your business. Naturally, we’re an agency writing…

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