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The name Nimes is derived from a city in the South of France, and it also fit well as ‘Nim’ is featured in the word “denim” and jeans are their signature product.

The super skinny spray on jeans were Nimes’ first product in September 2016 and they have gone from strength to strength, developing new lines of clothes each year. They’ve currently owed their success to stockist, social media and celebrity endorsements, but they needed to take their website to the next level and convert more online sales.






Graphic design, website design, website development, e-commerce, UI/UX


Nimes didn’t really have any identity as a brand, as they were too conscious about competitors and trying to mimic what they were doing. Their website lacked in UI/UX and didn’t give users a reason to buy their products.

The website also ran extremely slowly as there were thousands of high-res images uploaded to the website from previous collections, and multiple plugins that were added for functionality which caused problems when trying to update the site.


We analysed what a typical user journey was for Nimes and created a website based on fulfilling their needs. The website now has large banners with impressive imagery that promote their most popular products.

Most of Nimes’ traffic was coming from a mobile device, so we went with a mobile-first approach and made many custom mobile edits. We made a custom checkout process, which had a progress bar and multiple payment options including Apple Pay and Klarna, which enabled customers to buy now and pay later.

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